Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Happening. Roll out alts, we're going pirate.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! It was well worth the farming and gold :)
Attu Well, it looks awesome, great work guys, but is it worth the effort to get on release?

Guild Update

Fiftycal a posted Apr 24, 14

So we're a month old and how things have changed. When myself, Admiralsnackbar and Renshaii set out to create a guild we never thought it would take off like it has. In a month we have recruited just under 300 members (We even purged the inactive)

When we started the guild we had no real services to offer other than a TS3 server, so what have we accomplished in the last month? We've built a guild house, built multiple galleons, built a trade ship, ran multiple guild wide pirating runs, helped players get their large scarecrows and run instances, ruined a lot of people's days, destroyed lots of enemies and gathered a large enough player base to have 40 people online at most times of the day.

What Next?

Our initial goals have been smashed see here: so what do we do now? Well our dear leaders held a meeting on Saturday night and we have agreed upon the following as new guild goals. You will notice that they are more focused around player progression, more well geared high level players means we can swing our cocks around a lot more.

Assist guild members to 50 - I don't think I need to explain this one, but if you need any help at all with questing, grinding, dungeons etc then put a shout out to the officers and guild mates. Exp'ing in a group or with a buddy is far quicker than solo.

Assist with gearing members. - Rune weapon farming groups, dungeon groups, northern grind groups.

Assemble a core group of craftsmen. - We all know that getting a craft profession to 10/15/20k plus is hellishly expensive, which is why our officers have taken it upon themselves to level the game critical crafts. We will craft your weapons, armour, runes, food etc for no cost, all you need to do is provide the materials. I will make another post explaining this in further detail.

So in short, keep trucking to 50 and get your materials ready for your 50 crafted armour.

Other Guild News

The following people have been promoted to US TZ officers: Saviour & Cathy.
Akilles is still old.
Elering still isn't impressed with your ideas.
KMaker has been renamed PMaker due to his epic carrot purée business.
Fiftycal is still the worst sailor in the guild.
Kinnu has a collection of all the worst cash shop items.
Renshaii is still watching the footy and drinking a cuppa.
Admiralsnackbar is still a Dutch batty rider.
Bheh is still fishing.
Cathy is taking all of my runes.
Dovakiin is as mad as ever.
Furgas was the proud owner of 25 rainbow packs.
Evergreen are now the proud owner of 25 rainbow packs.


Teamspeak is a must for guild operations. Even if you don't talk you can jump on and listen.

Forums are here to be used, the guild system in Archeage is bad, I can't send out guild wide mails, so please check and post in the forums on a regular basis.

TL:DR - You're all awesome. Keep on being awesome and thank you to everyone for all their hard work.
Wicked Ways start pimpin' their rides. Stefman gets his priorities in order and adds a bit of creativity to his ship sail. Props to Snackbar for creating the logo.

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Mocane (Admiral) a updated pic
stefman123 just saw it ive rescaled it to 256x256 which is the size AA requiers
Mocane (Admiral) a We need to get that aspect ratio fixed, the one I put on forums isn't 1:1 so it is all stretched and stuff. Let's do thi ...

Hello All

Here's a quick introduction to our guild, our goals and what you can expect from us should you decide to join. We'll try and make this a quick read so you can get back to the game.

Who are we?

Wicked Ways are a newly formed international guild currently playing the Russian version of Archeage. We reside on Джин aka Server 10. Our guild founders have extensive MMO experience and we have recently transitioned from the serious internet spaceship game EVE Online. We plan to play on the western servers when Trion pull their finger out.

Our Goals

Due to the current composition of the guild one of our short-term goals is levelling. A lot of us have started playing very recently and are relatively low level. We are aware of the fact that being a decent level is important when doing pvp related activities. So before we can really get into the most exciting part of the game like overseas trading and piracy and other pvp activities, we have to collectively level up. We realise that at level 30+ West players have the problem of pvp levelling zones, therefore we plan to start teaming up when we get to this level range. This is on top of the dungeon grouping we'll do to get people their quests/loot.

Another short-term goal is to help newer people complete their trade quests so they can obtain the donkey and large farm scarecrow, things they'll need later for guild trading/piracy events and more efficient crafting.

As stated before, once our core playerbase starts to hit the higher levels 40-50 we're going to get into the more exciting part of the game. Overseas trading (if there is an interest) but more likely: targeted piracy. At this point we will also start considering using the trade/piracy to build ourselves some better ships and or buildings.

Having a place the guild can call a 'home' would also be a great goal to work towards, some houses that offer services clustered together in a location that is convenient for us. As I write this we are already well on the way to making the largest of the houses, along with the craft stations for everyone to make use of.

And finally, our main goal is to have fun together. We were previously members of another international guild, where you could only take part in activities if you managed to get in to the Inner-Circle. This will not be the case here and we strongly encourage our members to be vocal, join TS and get involved.


At this moment in time we provide the following services:

Guild craft service (For those members without premium memberships or those that have run out of LP)
Guild House + Crafting Stations
Trade Ships

Want to Join?

Whisper Fiftycal or Admiralsnackbar in game and ask for an invite. If we're not online drop us an in game mail and we'll send you an invite ASAP. Alternatively you can ask any member of Wicked Ways for an invite.

Announcement of